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Asking Price: 89,000


Year: 1988
Exterior Color: Metallic Candy Apple
Interior Color: Black / Red
Drivetrain: RWD
Transmission: Automatic Turbo 400
Engine: 412 Aluminum Head Small Block with Fuel Injection
VIN: 1FAFP46V5XF100060
Milage: 16,200


This is an actual pace truck, used on-track by series officials, during actual races. Not to be confused with Indianapolis 500 replica pace cars. This car is not some “a-typical” replica Indy500 pace car that every public person could buy off the showroom floor, this is the real deal. This car also is street legal and since it was purchased from Champcar in Indianapolis, now has a clean NY State title.

Built by Jack Roush for the PPG CART IndyCar Series.

This is not only an outrageous Hot Rod / Show vehicle, but a one-off unreplaceable part of IndyCar Racing history!

Built at a cost of over $300,000 IN 1988!!!

The body is completely one-off.

This vehicle has only traveled 6,200 miles since new, and of course, has never seen a rainy day.


Custom paint and color from PPG.

You will never find another one with T-TOPS.



WATER BRAKE System for cooling, like a TRANS-AM Race car.

4 Custom Leather RECARO Seats ($2,500 A PIECE)


Custom suspension fabrication by Jack Roush, unique to this truck.

BRAND NEW 20x10 & 20x11 wheels with 255/40ZR20 tires up front and 295/40ZR20 tires out back.

Built for the Champcar PPG Indycar Series, principal duties for this car as part of the PPG Pace Car Team of vehicles, was used to pace the Indycar, Trans-AM, and Formula Atlantic races. Also, used for giving executive guests hot-laps on race weekends between sessions, and utilized for display purposes. You may have seen this car at the races if you are an Indycar fan.

Obviously, to pace a field of Indy Cars, even under caution, a pace car needs to be capable of extremely high track performance standards and capabilities. Because of the cars pace car future, the Pace Car Team went through the entire suspension.

Because PPG was the primary sponsor of the IndyCar Series, all of the pace cars on the pace car team were painted in outrageous colors. Taking in this car from the outside is best on a sunny day when you can properly appreciate the PPG metallic paint on the car. This is not a standard GM color. At one point the truck was even painted a PPG Orange and White. As an aside, even the PPG lettering on the door is clear coated in the paint so well, that running your hand over the letters makes them undetectable.

As you further inspect this truck, you will also notice other necessary subtleties that the truck has to let it function as a real pace car. Flashing strobe lights that would otherwise blind a person staring straight at them.. No expense was spared in this PPG/IndyCar collaboration so.

Onboard safety items installed for Pace Car duty include; a removed road fuel tank in place of a racing fuel cell, onboard fire suppression system (add your own bottle), crowd-control siren, (for driving through the paddock full of fans), kill switch, 5-point racing harnesses.

Everything about this truck is REAL, has a purpose and tells a story of its past. Every smudge from tire rubber underneath the truck and in the wheel-wells is real racetrack rubber from pacing on the race track. Any other minor nick or mark on the car is a storymark from pace truck duty. Even special tow-hooks for strapping the pace cars down for travel in the hauler are installed. If one can imagine rolling the winning IndyCar straight from the winners circle to a museum, that is exactly what this truck is like to view and take in. Aside from the beautiful paint on this truck, nothing is for “show” and everything about this truck is IndyCar heritage.

One of a kind with racing history. This truck has either been in storage, or on display at a race event all of its life! Please feel free to call with questions. Pictures do this car no justice and there is too much history and information to list about this car.


NOT a replica pace car that are sold through dealerships around the country. Such as Indy 500 commemorative replica pace car editions

This is NOT a “souped-up” truck that some random person put together for personal enjoyment.

This is NOT a vehicle that has ever been used for personal use or daily driven


This IS the ACTUAL PACE CAR that paced ACTUAL IndyCar races (see attached pics of the car in action)

This car IS 1 of 1.

This car IS a piece of genuine IndyCar Racing history.

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